Miner Whitepaper V2
This whitepaper was designed to portray the ideas and initiatives Meta Miner plans to create as a blockchain utility company. Through our innovative products and services, not only will we improve the crypto space, but also the community deeply involved in our vision.
We at Meta Miner deeply believe in financial freedom. People have felt to be surrounded by a centralized world where banks and other institutions tightly control money, resources, and other tangible instruments. Recent research shows that roughly 2% of the world's population has adopted decentralized finance (DeFi). The Founders and Team of this project have thankfully found financial freedom in the DeFi space and wish to help a dedicated community achieve the same.
Financial freedom is a topic becoming more and more expressed every day; this includes, having more time to spend with their families, traveling more, or fulfilling dreams that have some type of monetary attachment to them. We believe everyone has the right to do what they love. With the MINER vision and project, we will be giving holders a piece of the pie. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where we can constantly give back to our dedicated community.
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